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  • George Ladner

Life and Work Relationships

Updated: Sep 13, 2021

Life -- and work -- are all about relationships. We build a network of relationships over a lifetime. 

Personal and professional relationships begin face to face and we save those connections to our mobile address book. When we move or change jobs, connections break because most of our contacts do not know about the change.  On average, our phone address books hold 135 personal and 520 professional contacts. 

Information held in the address book is static, but that information itself is dynamic (changes over time). It changes a lot!  We move 11 times and have 15 job changes in a lifetime. Said another way, 36.8 million people move and 50 million change jobs every year.

What happens when we move or change jobs? We probably send an email or text to 20 or 30 friends/family and maybe a couple of business associates - a manual “cut and paste”. But the rest of the people in our contact list or address book have no idea we moved or changed jobs and their connection to us is broken.

Businesses used to pay a premium to advertise in the old Yellow Pages to have a presence. Fast forward to today, and that's LinkedIn, the contemporary Yellow Pages.

Facebook is the modern-day public White Pages which lets you find people you may know, mainly “friends and family.”

Social media taught us about the power of "social." But the richest social gold mine is literally right under our noses: it’s our smartphone unique address book and it contains our lifelong personal and professional private network.

TetherTap enables our distinctive address book to keep and strengthen our network of friends/family and trusted business contacts.

TetherTap’s patent pending technology makes it possible to share our changes with people in our smartphone, keeping them informed, and correspondingly accepts data from those contacts to update our own private address book in a peer to peer exchange.

·        In a world where we’re all overwhelmed with more tasks than time, we are staying on the radar of our ever-growing group of contacts.

·        We no longer need to use our email as our contacts manager or worry about lost connections when we move, change jobs, leave one employer or find a new opportunity.

·        By staying connected with members of our network, we are visible to people who are relevant to us both now and in the future.

This is where you can help us out. We want to know how address book decay impacts you.

We are asking you to complete this anonymous 3-minute survey in order to provide an enhanced understanding of the problem we are trying to address with the TetherTap solution.

The survey is done through MS Forms

The TetherTap Survey

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George Ladner President at Altum, Inc. // Co-Founder at FFL Communications (TetherTap)

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