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When you move or change jobs, your address changes.


Who cares?

Your friends!

How do you let them know?​​

  • Call

  • Text

  • Facebook

  • Email



Stay in touch with just a touch. 


That’s TetherTap 


Some apps grab you by surprise and leave you saying, “Where has this been all my life?”


Let TetherTap do it for you - Keep relationships!

About & Subscribe

TetherTap walks you through four easy steps and your friends will have your current information:​

Step 1: Download

Download the App from App Store or Google Play

It's free and we do not sell ads or your information 


Step 3: Select Contacts

You decide who gets your updated information

intro 2.png

Step 2: Update Profile


Your new contact information goes here


Step 4: Hit Send!

It's that easy!

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