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How it works

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  1. Welcome to the TetherTap Demo. (receive a message from a TetherTap phone)

  2. Text your name to 772-946-9252.

  3. You will receive an SMS with contact information from Bill Whitescarver, one of the TetherTap Founders, in the form of a vCard.   You can hit the Save and Download buttons and his information will appear in your smartphone’s address book. 


Changes to the app interface and function are in process, so you will be able to send personal information to friends and family and business information to business contacts. 


By design we value your privacy.  The app is phone to phone, so we have no access to your contacts or your data.


We are trying to fix a burdensome issue.  If you love or hate TetherTap let us know.  Email Bill at

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