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ScarvNet Systems LLC is a small business enterprise consulting and managed servies firm.

The organization has experience in a full spectrum of perspectives of organizational behavior as a result of history in all components of the commercial logistics, warehousing/distribution, general transportation, and motor carrier segment. Consiquently, we have developed expertise in Information Technology, general business systems, finance, sales/marketing, human resources and labor relations.

Managed Services - Consulting – Enterprise Architecture (BPM/DFM) - Marketing - Business Development - Strategic Alliances - Information Technology - Telecommunications - Energy - Government Contracting/Grants and Loans – Logistics


Bill Whitescarver

P.O. Box 1732, 34958


(703) 659-0889

(877) 843-8372 fax

skype/oovoo/google +



4/2012 HTML5 version of the ProvenSecure website released..

3/2012 Private ProvenSecure cloud group and document folder generated for TEAM collaboration environment.

2/2012 domain re-established. Prototype website built.

1/2012 ClosedID renamed ProvenSecure.

12/2011 ClosedID Project proposal

11/2011 demonstration website development started. Smart Integrated Solutions Global Blitz


Website redesigned. Smart Integrated Solutions website evaluated.

9/2011 Scooter Pro America

Website evaluation, Attended Workflow Technology Seminar.

8/2011 Digital Signage

MediaNow Market evaluation

7/2011 Health Food Industry

Natural Proportion concept explored. talks. Fengju Mushroom project market study.

6/2011 YRC Freight

comapny re-visits Motor Carrier Marketing proposal

5/2011F-35 Program

SIS pivots market strategy

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