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Our story

The three FFL Communications Co-Founders have maintained an active friendship since their grammar school days in the early ‘60s. They went on to different schools, and military service, and migrated to far-reaching locations, pursuing diverse careers and family lives. They were able to stay in touch by leveraging the communication technologies that evolved through the years. Writing letters, telephoning, faxing, audio taping, emailing, and finally video conferencing in order to keep up with the stories of life. In recent discussions about communications it became apparent, in spite of the remarkable uniqueness of the founders’ 57-year relationship, there is a massive disconnect with the past. Even with almost 30 years of email technology and social media, most schoolmates, frat brothers, military colleagues, co-workers, friends and neighbors’ contact information has been lost and forgotten.

As a result of comprehensive study and research, the founders discovered that even with current day advanced digital technologies, there were no satisfactory solutions to be found that were truly secure and frictionless. Hence, the genesis of the TetherTap project.

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