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As Enterprise Architects, systems integration through information technology has been our challenge. Team motivation has been our specialty. Customer-relations has been our pleasure. The Federal Register has been our guidebook. The result is unique expertise designing and developing processes and organizational infrastructures that have improved productivity, increased efficiency, enhanced quality, and strengthened financial results.

Military Aircraft Production Solutions

Smart Integrated Solutions, LLC is seeking to become an integral link in a current and or near future business operation which is both directly or indirectly supporting F-35 production affordability and global sustainment.






Motor Carrier Sales and Marketing

The Trucking Industry, as a major component of the country’s transportation infrastructure, depends on a healthy economy for growth and sustenance. A contracting economy immediately endangers the cash flow position and operating ratio of motor carriers. Excessive fixed expenses such as interest on debt exacerbates this negative dynamic. Survival depends on a carrier’s ability to cut costs and/or gain market share. Carriers that implement the most creative finance and sales/marketing strategies can weather the storm. Currently, all general freight LTL motor carriers are experiencing critical financial difficulty.












ScarvNet Broadband Alliance, LLC is a consortium of communication businesses and individuals that share a mission to deploy last mile with connecting middle mile broadband solutions to unserved/underserved communities in Central Missouri. We intend to employ hybrid broadband technology in cooperation with local Rural Electric Energy Cooperatives and Utility Companies. This is in response to the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 Broadband Initiative.

4HimNet Internet Solutions

Internet solutions for ministry. Specializing in Domain Hosting and Registration...

we provide Web Hosting at a fraction of the cost for ministry purposes since 1997.

2MB Free space as a subfolder of

Personal list-server...

and MORE!


Bill Whitescarver

P.O. Box 1732, 34958


(703) 659-0889

(877) 843-8372 fax

skype/oovoo/google +



4/2012 HTML5 version of the ProvenSecure website released..

3/2012 Private ProvenSecure cloud group and document folder generated for TEAM collaboration environment.

2/2012 domain re-established. Prototype website built.

1/2012 ClosedID renamed ProvenSecure.

12/2011 ClosedID Project proposal

11/2011 demonstration website development started. Smart Integrated Solutions Global Blitz


Website redesigned. Smart Integrated Solutions website evaluated.

9/2011 Scooter Pro America

Website evaluation, Attended Workflow Technology Seminar.

8/2011 Digital Signage

MediaNow Market evaluation

7/2011 Health Food Industry

Natural Proportion concept explored. talks. Fengju Mushroom project market study.

6/2011 YRC Freight

comapny re-visits Motor Carrier Marketing proposal

5/2011F-35 Program

SIS pivots market strategy

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